The Journey of Creating Myself


Hey, first of all thanks for showing interest in my story.

I’d like to use this first post to share with you my purpose and goal behind why I created this blog and what I expect it to be. The thought behind creating my own blog was not that I want to become popular on the internet, find a way to become rich and famous through writing, or that I believe my life is so interesting and my opinions are so perfect that everyone needs to hear about them. No, that would be ridiculous.

The reason I decided to create this blog was first and foremost, for myself. I do not mean that in a selfish sense but I felt that I needed an outlet to express myself and I wanted to find a place where I can share my ideas, experiences, and stories with anybody who wants to hear them. I want to allow people to relate and learn from the journey I’m taking and maybe even reach out and teach me something new. I benefit immensely from connecting with people and discovering what they’ve learned through their adventures, it seems to be my key to living a happy life.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” — George Bernard Shaw

The title ‘Touch of Curiosity’ relates to me having an inquisitive nature since I was a child; always asking questions and having an eclectic personality. As I try new things and learn from my experiences I want to share it all with you, from various aspects of life. So there are not any strict expectations here and I plan to post at least once a week on anything I feel like posting (the benefit of having your own blog I suppose) and we will see how it goes. It makes no difference to me if a million people read this or if you’re the only one reading. This is my story and I’d love to have you along for the ride.

— Bryce A. Hoyt


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