The Pressure of “Having Fun”

Do you ever get the sense that you are missing out on all of the fun experiences your friends are having while you are sitting back in your room watching the 'fun' events unfold through social media? You're not alone. To be completely honest, as a college student most of my day to day life … Continue reading The Pressure of “Having Fun”


Philosophy– Why Waste Your Time?

Philosophy? What's that? Why would you just sit around and think? You often times hear the jokes of studying an ancient discipline and how big of a waste it is spending your time contemplating things without an "answer". Especially when I tell people it's my college major; some people laugh and assume you're either a … Continue reading Philosophy– Why Waste Your Time?

Podcasts are the Answer (Top Five List)

What is a 'podcast' and further why should I care? I had no idea what a podcast was until I happened to stumble upon them in high school. It happened when a couple buddies and I watched this outlandish video on youtube titled "What Is Reality?". Being the young, naive kid I was (and still am, … Continue reading Podcasts are the Answer (Top Five List)