Podcasts are the Answer (Top Five List)


What is a ‘podcast’ and further why should I care?

I had no idea what a podcast was until I happened to stumble upon them in high school. It happened when a couple buddies and I watched this outlandish video on youtube titled “What Is Reality?”. Being the young, naive kid I was (and still am, who am I kidding), I loved it and it intrigued me to look into who was behind this video. It turned out the video was created using snippets of a podcast hosted by Joe Rogan. Little did I know I had just opened myself up to an endless personal obsession with not only the JRE podcast but the entire world of podcasting.

“A lot of people listen to podcasts because they want to learn something and be entertained along the way” — Alex Blumberg

For older generations, radio talk shows are nothing new and listening to your favorite AM radio host in the car home from work or tuning into the morning news while you sip your coffee is a typical routine. As the internet quickly changes everything we know, this age of technology seems to be amping up everything we had before, including radio. Podcasts are like your typical radio shows on steroids; you can watch/listen to them anytime, anywhere you want. It seems that most businesses are jumping into this booming industry.

Another unique aspect of podcasts is that anybody can make one. Its such a simple yet unique way to spread information and it doesn’t require much to get started. Whether you want to discover more from a politician, businessman, nutritionist, scientist, etc. or simply be entertained by musicians, comedians, and actors; odds are they have a podcast for that.

You’re probably thinking, “we get it you love podcasts but still, what makes them so special?”.

Well, the benefits I’ve received from podcasts have been invaluable in many ways but the biggest aspect for me is that it has become the best way to stay up to date on current events, broaden my opinions on interesting topics, and stay in touch with pop culture. (Besides, who doesn’t like being that interesting person at parties who knows a little about all sorts of topics).

As a busy college student (and I’m sure most of you can relate regardless of being in college) it can be a challenge staying on top of watching/reading the news, learning information outside of class, and satisfying my entertainment needs. They say (i don’t know who “they” is) that as you enter into adulthood you’re supposed to stay informed on the world and become more cultured but who has time to research everything 24/7? It’s a problem.

Podcasts are the ideal solution to this problem because I simply pop my headphones in and listen to a podcast just like i’d listen to my Spotify playlist. Sometimes I have it playing in the background as I work, maybe I’ll throw one on while driving in the car, and even listen to one while I’m at the gym.

It’s an efficient way to add information to your life without adjusting your everyday routine.

All in all there are endless benefits throughout the world of podcasting and I take it to be one the coolest ways to learn about things I’m interested in and get some insight from successful people. Most of the shows I’ve encountered always have a good mix between being informative while still containing entertainment value.

Below I’ve attached the top five podcasts I currently listen to with a brief description of each. I recommend each and every one for a different purpose and I feel they give a good variety of things to learn about. However, please don’t take my word for it. There are endless options out there and I often try new ones and sometimes even dislike the ones I listed below. I highly advise you to seek out your own interests and/or people you admire because I’ll bet there’s a podcast for it.

My Top Five Current Podcast Picks

1. The Joe Rogan Experience — Comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan brings people from all walks of life onto his show to discuss a multitude of topics ranging from science to comedy and everything in-between. (Miscellaneous)

2. Fighter and The Kid — Former UFC fighter Brenden Schaub and Actor/Comedian Bryan Callen talk about fights, current events, and entertainment. (Entertainment/Sports)

3. Podsave America — Two aids to former president Obama talk about the current political climate and what to make of how America is currently being run. (Politics)

4. TED Radio Hour — Hosted by NPR, various TED talk speakers discuss their revolutionary ideas, inventions, and information that always leads to learning something extraordinarily cool. (Innovation)

5. Freakanomics Radio — Host Stephen Dubner has conversations with Nobel prize winners, social scientists, and entrepreneurs to explore the riddles surrounding all areas of life. (Informational)

Feel free to leave a comment including your favorite podcast, I’d love to check them out!

Click here for a website I frequently use containing a list of the top 200 podcasts but you can also find them through iTunes, Youtube, and anywhere else on the internet (google is your friend).

— Bryce A. Hoyt


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3 thoughts on “Podcasts are the Answer (Top Five List)

  1. Oh Bryce, where do I even start. I am also podcast crazy. I love TED too. I am a big fan of true crime stuff, which started with Serial and then moved into Undisclosed, Criminal, and Truth & Justice and then to Accused and Real Crime Profiler. Since you are potentially a budding attorney, you might enjoy these. For the social science geek in me, listen to Invisibilia and Hidden Brain. For storytelling I like The Moth. For movie reviews I like Movie Fights. For foodie info and entertainment, I like The Sporkful. That should keep you busy 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Loved the article! I fuck with the myths and legends podcast along with a couple of MMA podcasts, the MMA Hour and the Jon Anik and Kenny Florian podcast, You’re Welcome with Chael Sonnen…


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